Types of Poteen

Irish Poteen is only licenced to be produced by two distilleries in Ireland and they both offer a selection of different types of Poteen for you to choose from. The two distilleries are Bunratty Mead and Liqueur Company and Knockeen Hill.

Although as standard Poteen is the most alcoholic drink available in the world there are huge variations in the alcohol by volume levels starting at 40% and going up as far as 90%. Typically Poteen, although strong is relatively easy to drink with a strong bite followed by a developing fruity and sugary sweet taste. The exact specifics when it comes to taste vary depending on the type.
Bunratty Mead and Liqueur Company.

The Bunratty Mead and Liqueur Company – Is one of the licenced distilleries based in Ireland produces two different types of Irish Poteen. These types of Poteen are made with significantly lower levels of alcohol volumes compared to the more traditional Poteen which was seen throughout history. The two types of Poteen feature one which has a 40% alcohol by volume level and another which has slightly more alcohol at 45%.

The lower alcoholic content types of Poteen from Bunratty Mead and Liqueur Company are perhaps more appropriate for those who prefer to enjoy the tastes, enjoy the slowly developing aftertaste of Poteen by drinking it neat, in a shot or on the rocks without the high levels of alcohol.

Bunratty Mead and Liqueur Company Poteen is a single distilled poteen. The Poteen available at Bunratty Mead and Liqueur Company both come under the name of “Potcheen”.

Knockeen Hill.

Knockeen Hills is the other licenced distillery of the Poteen product however the alcoholic content from Knockeen Hills is significantly higher than what can be found in Bunratty Mead and Liqueur Company. There are three different types of Poteen and these range from those with a 60% alcohol by volume content going up to a 90% alcohol by volume content which is more representative of the Poteen formulations found in traditional rural Ireland hundreds of years ago.

The three types of Poteen from Knockeen Hills are Farmers Strength, Gold Strength and Gold Extra Strength. Farmer’s Strength is the one with the lowest alcohol by volume content of 60% and is triple distilled and can be instantly recognised thanks to its vanilla scent. Taste wise you will find that the most noticeable fruits are crisp yet light such as melon and citrus, the fragrances of which remain apparent alongside the vanilla.

Gold Strength Poteen has a 70% alcohol by volume content and is once again a refreshing drink which is considered to easier to drink than Vodka and other related spirits which can be one reason for its popularity. This triple distilled Poteen has a strong, crisp effect combining lemon, melon, olives and herbs.

Gold Strength Extra Poteen is the quadruple distilled Poteen with 90% alcohol by volume content and as the strongest it is recommended it is mixed with water which will enhance the fruity tastes.
Knockeen Hills Poteen is an award winning product having won the 2006 International Win and Spirit Competition Silver Medal for Traditional Irish Whey Distillate to name just one award from the many they have won. Poteen from Knockeen Hills is supplied in a variation of bottle sizes from the handy 5cl for the single drinks to the much bigger 70cl bottles.

Poteen can be enjoyed in a variety of ways however due to the much higher alcoholic content Knockeen Hill do not recommend that their Poteen products are drunk as a shot or neat. It is however recommended that the Poteen is used with a variety of mixers that will enhance the flavours which develop after the initial bite. Alternatively, the high alcoholic content of the Poteen can be enjoyed simply with water. The water makes the Poteen a long, easy drink which enhances the fruity flavors after the initial taste.